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Business Coaching, Marketing and Employee Engagement background. 

Fell into this business 18 months ago. Took all the things that used to wind me up about other marketing companies and started to do it for myself. 

I was fed up with being tied into contracts for companies that didn't perform. 

Didn't make me feel valued. 

Weren't transparent in what they did.

Didn't seem to care enough.

Once other coaches saw what I was doing, they started to ask me to do the same for them. They were so pleased, they referred their contacts and also their clients too!

They knew that they would get looked after by someone who genuinely cares enough. 

If I don't agree with what you want us to do and it doesn't fit with our values, I am sorry, we are not the agency for you. 

I want to make a difference and create something amazing that will lead the industry for generations to come. 

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